“Young at Heart” – The tribes are divided into young (La Flor tribe) and old (Espada tribe), but not before setting off to find the mysterious Medallion of Power. While La Flor alternates between flirting and chest-thumping, Jimmy Johnson’s pep talks can’t translate to challenge victory for Espada, and social outcast Wendy becomes their scapegoat.

In the mysterious, rugged and stunning country of Nicaragua, twenty Americans begin their Survivor adventure. After noticing the howler monkeys in the trees, Jud Birza, the 21 year-old student from Venice, California realizes he is truly in the wild “Everywhere you look there’s monkeys hanging from things. There’s dangerous animals here. It’s like, it’s real.” A long time fan of Survivor and now a Survivor himself, Jimmy Johnson, the former NFL coach from Islamorada, Florida, remarks, “I’m sixty-six years old and I’ve won two collegiate national championships. I won two Super Bowls. What could top it off better than to win Survivor.”

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Jeff Probst welcomed 20 new suckers…I mean, castaways to 39 days of ridicule and torture…er, the adventure of a lifetime! And what did we learn from the premiere episode? We learned that the young La Flor tribe has a ways to go on their group choreography routines, at least judging by their opening dance number at the immunity challenge. We learned that no one wants any part of that silly Medallion of Power, with the young tribe giving it away to the older Espada one and then Espada refusing to use it in the first challenge, even though it would have given them a 20% head start. And we learned that Jimmy Johnson may be tough out on the football field, but he is in for a whole different ballgame out here. (Cue the vomit shot!)

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Older, Not Wiser: Even if Espada had cashed in their Medallion of Power for blue water, they still would have been stymied by the puzzle. Just yards away from where I stood during the challenge, plodding Jillian looked like she was shopping for lumber at the Home Depot—and even when she managed to free the puzzle pieces from the bag, she left them (and the clues) facedown. The Antiques’ (thanks for that, Chase!) biggest mistake was having brilliant strategist Jimmy Johnson maneuver water instead of puzzle pieces. Apparently they make the same mistake in next week’s challenge: Previews show the coach diving in the mud (a challenge I competed in—and won!—while in Nicaragua) and not leading the puzzle solvers.

via Survivor: Nicaragua Insider: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…Can’t Lose? – E! Online

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