COACH JIMMY EJECTED: Weak, Antique, and Defeated

COACH JIMMY EJECTED: Weak, Antique, and Defeated

“Glitter in Their Eyes” After suffering another challenge loss, Espada looks to their leadership for change – led by Marty and Jimmy T., who haven’t been happy with how anointed leader Jimmy Johnson has been coaching. A challenge win by La Flor includes a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, and NaOnka pulls no punches in wrestling it away from Kelly B.

Jimmy Johnson won’t be adding the title of sole “Survivor” to his winning resume.

The silver-haired 67-year-old former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins was the third person voted off the Nicaragua-set 21st edition of the CBS reality TV competition Wednesday. Johnson, the oldest member of the Espada tribe, declared himself the weakest castaway at Tribal Council and was unanimously booted by his fellow mature tribemates.

“I had fun, but I was miserable the whole time,” he said. “I still love the game, and it’s been a great adventure. This is the most stressful time I’ve ever gone through in my life, and I’m including Super Bowls and collegiate national championships. I initially said, ‘Keep your strongest members.’ I obviously wasn’t one of the strongest members.”

via Jimmy Johnson voted off ‘Survivor’ – NFL- NBC Sports.

So, is NaOnka yet another black stereotype seen in television and film entertainment for decades, perpetuated by the media and often witnessed on reality television?

The thing with stereotypes is that they’re just that–types. Types of people like NaOnka do exist in the world, and if we deem reality television as the ultimate melting pot, it would be unfair to suggest that she shouldn’t be allowed to display her crazy on camera for the world to see.

But admit it, you cringe a bit when she’s on screen. Her lack of charm makes her come across more bitter than brilliant and her people skills, as evidenced by both the sock and Immunity Idol incidents, are clearly non-existent.

via ’Survivor: Nicaragua’: Is NaOnka a black stereotype? – National African American Entertainment |

JIMMY T. – Oh, my lord. Just shut it, man! Am I the only one out there who feels the immediate need to punch a wall every time this ego-driven blowhard opens his mouth? There’s Tyrone doing a solid — if unspectacular — job of tossing bags onto barrels at the challenge, and instead of supporting his teammate, Jimmy T. is sitting there proclaiming, “I want a shot at this” and “You’re wasting me back here.” And you know what words you never, ever, ever want to hear out of Jimmy T.’s mouth? “I’m gonna speak my mind.” And yet that’s exactly what he said and did back at camp after the challenge. “I’ve always had a high opinion of myself,” he began. (Gee, really?) The problem, JT, is that nobody else does. Jimmy T. is not in any way entertaining in his buffoonery. He is just exasperating. And while I should find it humorous when he explains that Jimmy Johnson “knows I got game,” I can’t be humored because I am simply in too much pain from punching my wall. (Sing it with me, Clash fans: “I fought the wall and the wall won.”) I don’t blame just Jimmy T. for being annoying, I also blame Sears for sponsoring the casting competition that brought him on the show (no more Kenmore air conditions or Die Hard shoes for me) as well as every single person who voted for him in said competition. (I demand a recount!) But Jimmy is not the only infuriating person out there. There’s also.…

via ‘Survivor’ recap: The Hood, the Bad, and the Ugly | Season 21 Episode 03 |

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5 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Someone please kill Nayonka. Just drown her when she goes in the water or something. This is seriously the most annoying player ever in this game. She’s like a charactature of a human being with all that herky-jerky head bobbing and crap. I can’t take it any more.

  2. Yve baby says:

    Yve. Is. Sooooooo. Hot.

  3. Jimmy T Sucks says:

    Jimmy T is the biggest loser. What is he doing around camp that he thinks proves to people that he is so good at throwing bean bags on top of barrels?

  4. Forte says:

    Marty, you are a total tool. The guy has done nothing but sit back and let Jimmy Johnson make decisions, give pep talks, and all that while contributing nothing in the way of leadership. I hope Espada falls apart and they all get sent to the nursing home.

  5. G1 says:

    It’s sad to see Jimmy go bc he wasa nice guy, but lets be honest, he wasn’t really doing a very good job. Pep talks are nice but he wasn’t motivating anyone out there and the entire tribe has been a bunch of uninspired clods

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