T’D OFF: Jimmy T. Annoys His Way Off The Island

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3 Responses

  1. NO TO NAY says:

    I hate Nay. I really do. But unfortunately because I think Brenda is so smart Nay will be in the game for a while. Brenda seems to have a head on her shoulders, and realizes that Nay is such a bully and unlikable jerk that NO ONE likes her, and therefore she’s a PERFECT person to take to the final two. I mean like the most perfect we’ve ever seen in this game. And all Brenda has to do is fake liking her and put up with her until then. Smart girl. Good for her, bad for us.

  2. The 1 says:


    I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed with a player as with Jimmy T! And totally clueless that no one can stand him because he is NOT easy to get along with, he is NOT easy going!

  3. Dott says:

    Is there a more unlikable group of players than this season? Nobody is likable. The people who aren’t jerks are plain stupid (HOLLY, who is also a jerk). Yve is OK but what has she done? Is she even playing. I literally have no one to root for. Brenda would be OK if she wasn’t in so tight with Nayonka, who is the worst player ever.

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