T’D OFF: Jimmy T. Annoys His Way Off The Island

“Pulling The Trigger” — Espada adjusts to life without Coach Jimmy Johnson, with Marty acting as kingmaker and king, and Jimmy T.’s protests grow a little too loud for the rest of the tribe. Brenda hands NayOnka the Hidden Immunity Idol on a silver platter, which only serves to emblazon the bully lording over Kelly.

In other news, Chase found a clue to the hidden immunity idol but Brenda informed him that it had already been found, NaOnka reminded us how much she hates Kelly B’s artificial leg, and Marty’s hair took on a life of its own. Before you click over to the get all the details in my Survivor recap, check out my pre-game interview with Jimmy T in the video player below. And right below that, check out the very first installment of EW’s new TV Insiders podcast, where we debate the ultimate Survivor question: Who’s more annoying — NaOnka or Jimmy T? Speaking of which, are you sad or psyched to see Jimmy T go? Hit the message boards and let us know!

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Just when I think all hope is lost… a Survivor miracle happens! Naonka finds the idol. Ya gotta love it, right?

Much like Jill did with Marty, Brenda practically gave the idol to Naonka by telling her where to look. Much like Marty did with Jill, Naonka took the information, found the idol and has no intention of sharing it with anybody.

Did it strike anybody else as odd that Brenda didn’t even really look for it? She just let Naonka find it. Am I missing something? Is this strategy? Do Jill and Brenda both feel it is better to not have the idol? It’s an interesting idea from a strategy point of view.

It really doesn’t matter if Naonka has the idol or not. You could give her immunity all the way to the end of the game. Wouldn’t matter. Naonka doesn’t understand a fundamental element of the game. In order to win, others must vote for you. It seems so basic but clearly it has escaped her thought process.

Naonka, at this point, has ZERO chance of winning the game. I don’t think she realizes that simply getting to the end is not the goal. Can she change? Absolutely. Could she become a hero and be forgiven? Absolutely. Do I think it will happen? Hang on, let me check my lottery ticket to see if I have a winner.

Nobody is going to vote for Naonka to win the million dollars, which, in another beautiful Survivor twist, makes Naonka a great person to take to the end.

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At Tribal Council, Dan defends his decision to sit out in the challenge because it was for the good of the tribe.   Jill admits that she is tired of losing and that her tribe could not even win when being coached by Jimmy J.  Jimmy T. makes his argument that they have not had the right coach yet for their team and that he repeatedly asks to get the chance but he is “the squeaky wheel that doesn’t get the oil.”  Marty explains that Tyrone is the coach now and that Jimmy T. with his “delusions of grandeur” is not the right person for the job. Tyrone adds that Jimmy T. could be more valuable to the tribe if he would just be a follower and not try and be the leader all the time.    With much emotion, Jimmy T. swallows his pride and commits to giving up his quest for leadership and to be satisfied with being just a valuable “worker bee.”   The Espada tribe casts their votes and with five out of eight votes cast against him, Jimmy T. is voted out.  Jimmy Tarantino, the 48 year-old fisherman from Gloucester, Mass., became the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA.

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Survival of the Sittest: Dan spent more time on his ass than Vecepia did in Marquesas, and yet he’s still in the game while the brawny fisherman was tossed overboard. There’s nothing more deflating for a tribe—or TV viewers—then when alliances take over this early in the game. But Mark Burnett & Co. aren’t going to let Espada’s losing streak continue—if the buff-dropping previews are to be believed, a major reorganization is taking place next week. Here’s hoping Boston Rob and Russell Hantz show up with a keg; otherwise, this party might be over.

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3 Responses

  1. NO TO NAY says:

    I hate Nay. I really do. But unfortunately because I think Brenda is so smart Nay will be in the game for a while. Brenda seems to have a head on her shoulders, and realizes that Nay is such a bully and unlikable jerk that NO ONE likes her, and therefore she’s a PERFECT person to take to the final two. I mean like the most perfect we’ve ever seen in this game. And all Brenda has to do is fake liking her and put up with her until then. Smart girl. Good for her, bad for us.

  2. The 1 says:


    I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed with a player as with Jimmy T! And totally clueless that no one can stand him because he is NOT easy to get along with, he is NOT easy going!

  3. Dott says:

    Is there a more unlikable group of players than this season? Nobody is likable. The people who aren’t jerks are plain stupid (HOLLY, who is also a jerk). Yve is OK but what has she done? Is she even playing. I literally have no one to root for. Brenda would be OK if she wasn’t in so tight with Nayonka, who is the worst player ever.

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