SQUADS SCATTERED: Tyrannical Tyronne Tied Off

“Turf Wars” — Just as tribal leaders Marty, Brenda, & NaOnka start to get comfortable with their plans in the game, an unexpected tribe switch throws a wrench in everyone’s plans – and gives new life to players like Holly and Jane. But as the new younger members arrive at Espada, they find things that will take some getting used to — strict guidelines and a losing atmosphere.

The new Espada tribe arrives back at camp elated about winning the chickens. As introductions are being made, Tyrone reveals, “If I had it my way, I would have loved to stay with the old tribe, because I think we had a good little machine going.” Tyrone welcomes the new members to Espada and immediately starts laying down the law. He recommends that they keep the chickens alive, so they can eat the eggs produced every day. Tyrone also informs the new members of the camp rules and recommends they don’t make any changes since it is working. Alina comments, “Tyrone is definitely the leader of this tribe and as soon as we came in here he started telling us … This goes here and this goes here and you got to do this and you got to do that. And it’s very older tribe.” NaOnka also admits that she is not used to being told what to do.

via Survivor Recap: Turf Wars – CBS.com.

There is nothing Survivor producers love more than to make contestants look bad by showing them talking about how smooth everything is going and how they have absolutely everything figured out and under control. Because as soon as they do that, the producers screw with them. So Marty talking about how the next two to go would be “Jane and Holly. It’s locked. It would take something extraordinary, off the charts, completely wacked out to disturb my plan,” was the equivalent of a Survivor money shot. And sure enough when the tribes showed up at the next challenge, with Marty’s insane hair making his head look like a poorly grown-out Chia Pet, it was only a matter of time before we heard those three magic words: “Drop your Buffs.”

via Survivor recap: NaOnka’s Pity Party | Season 21 Episode 05 | EW.com.

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