2 FOR ONE TAKEOUT: La Flor Lops Kelly B; Espada Yjects Yve

“Worst Case Scenario” — Voting strategies on both tribes are thrown into flux when Dan contemplates quitting and Jill wins individual immunity leading up to a double Tribal Council. Marty uses chess (or is it tennis?) to make his move while the rest of La Flor plots around his Hidden Immunity Idol, including some crafty last-minute maneuvering at Tribal Council by Brenda.

We saw a major poker play in tonight’s episode. Marty sitting there with an immunity idol. He thinks the plan is to vote off Jane, but then Brenda starts attacking him at Tribal Council. To use the idol or not to use the idol? That question has bedeviled many a Survivor contestant. (Hi, James!) I thought for sure Marty would use it at that point. But he didn’t panic. He stayed seated as Probst asked if anyone wanted to use a hidden idol. Then the votes revealed a 3-3 tie with him and Kelly B. And you and I and everyone else out there thought the exact same thing: Dude, you are sooooooooo screwed.

The younger tribe members now had Marty at their mercy. He couldn’t use the idol and they could vote as they pleased. Then, something truly shocking happened. More shocking than someone who can’t walk still being in the game. More shocking than the mere existence of something called the Medallion of Power. More shocking than the fact that one of the hottest women of the season, Kelly Purple, has received only a Brett-from-Samoa level of screen time so far.

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It was pretty nice not having to hear NaOnka run her mouth all night for a change. Her cameraman must have taken a couple of days off because there’s no way she wasn’t spewing out her nasty venom somewhere. Of course with the silence of Nao the emergence of another castaway with an attitude surfaces if only to show that there’s someone I dislike on La Flor more than Marty and that’s Brenda. I mean come on, she’s not some diabolical mastermind with a plan is she? God I hope not! She came across as a snooty little biatch and I don’t like those types of girls lol. At least with Nao, you know if she likes you or hates you. She tells it like it is but Brenda is sneaky so you’ve got to watch her at all times.

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We’ll spend the next seven days until Survivor airs again wondering “what the heck happened?!?” on this week’s episode “Worst Case Scenario”. In a departure from the Survivor norm, the show only hinted at the possibility of something shocking happening with the La Flor tribe and did so only once, never returning to the idea. Typically we’re inundated with different suggestions and possibilities from various interviews.

Marty spun a hilarious lie to Jud about being a chess grandmaster all with the intention of trying to get Jud to do something for him. Whatever that was, we haven’t been told yet. All we got out of Marty is that it would be one of the boldest moves in Survivor history and Jud wouldn’t even really have to make a decision in the process.

That’s it. That’s all we ever heard about it. Instead the show sent us on a wild goose chase of interviews with Marty proclaiming to go with the flow of the tribe and shots of him asking the young La Flor’s who they were voting for so he could vote with them. The scene with Jud was seemingly so insignificant, I didn’t write anything down about it and had to go back to watch it after the fact.

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But Marty didn’t play the idol. Not playing the idol was a big, bold move and one that I respect. But because Sash and Brenda forced a tie and Marty didn’t play the idol in the first vote, he couldn’t use the idol in the tiebreaker. So they had him and the idol!! All they had to do was change their votes to Marty. But instead they voted Kelly B. I really don’t understand why Kelly B was seen as a bigger threat. Maybe I’ll ask them at the live show.

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