IDOL HANDOVER: Jill Jilted; Marty Plays Idol All Wrong

“What Goes Around, Comes Around” – When La Flor loses another Immunity Challenge, Sash presents Marty with the option of handing over the idol to stay in the game. Faced with either playing it and losing it, or using it to stay further, Marty relents, and A Freudian slip on Sash at Tribal Council reveals he might not be expecting to be able to trust his alliance much longer. Jane works hard to prove her value in the tribe, and rewards herself for her hard work. Fabio urinates in the pool.

After losing the immunity challenge — and having to endure swimming through Fabio’s urine in the reward challenge — La Flor came up with a plan to split the votes so they could flush Marty’s idol and vote out Jill. But then Sash came up with an even better plan: to somehow convince Marty to hand him his hidden immunity idol. Ignoring both common sense and the concept of risk versus reward, Marty indeed handed over the idol to his enemy. And while he was not voted out — Jill was sent home instead — he certainly could have been, and now the opposition is in possession of the idol. (No way in a million years does Sash give that idol back to Marty, no matter what he promised.)

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That’s right, Jane is also guilty this episode. Guilty of being awesome! I’ve never been a big fan of people whining about how they weren’t included or appreciated on their previous tribe. (Get over it! It’s not high school!) But you know what I am a big fan of? Hoarding food. Why not? If Jane is working ten times harder than everyone else, then why shouldn’t she enjoy a little blackened fish? I also loved her reaction when Marty accused her of voting against him: No confirming, no denying. Just hearty laughter. What if a contestant did that all season long? Never said a word. Just laughed in everyone’s faces — even Probst’s at Tribal Council. Sure, they’d last only three days, but it would be the best three days EVER.

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