A LEANER LIBERTAD: Alina Eliminated At Merge

“Company Will Be Arriving” – The tribes merge to form Libertad. NaOnka is fed up after not getting any food and hides flour and cooking supplies. Jane and Fabio win double individual immunity, and Jane, Marty, and Alina all make hard pitches for the vote. Marty stirs things up by claiming he would vote for Jane in a final vote.

Best. Survivor. Sendoff. Ever.

“You are a 100 percent Grade-A dirt squirrel.”

The Tribal Council Players were at it again tonight, with new faces delivering the same old crazy—and one surprise: a Castaway with a rodent problem.

So why’d the camp squirrel go flying home like Bullwinkle’s pal Rocky?

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For one thing, squirrelly Alina wasn’t in the Minority Alliance. She lost her original allies, Shannon and Kelly B., and no one likes orange-sucking food bandits. Or dirt squirrels.

via Survivor Insider: Squirrel, Away! – E! Online.

Now onto NaOnka. What more can be said that wasn’t mentioned weeks ago? I still believe whole-heartedly that NaOnka gets a pointedly bad edit, one where we now hear her slurping on fruit and, unless my ears deceived me, passing gas.

With that said, NaOnka is just flat out unlikeable. She pulled a “Russell Hantz” on tonight’s show, stealing her tribe’s food because she got bent out of shape when they ate a meal she prepared.

Unlike Russell, who had a unique combination of charm and cunning, NaOnka comes across brash and perpetually defensive. Instead of playing the game with an eye towards the $1 million prize, it seems that she has brought her own personal baggage to Nicaragua. And it’s weighing her down tremendously.

She may get to the final three, but she can’t win the money.

via ’Survivor: Nicaragua’: Marty vs. Jane, NaOnka steals, and tribes merge – Boston TV | Examiner.com.

Speaking of blooming… are you falling in love with Jane the same way I am? I like it all – from the comment about her shotgun…

Jane: I’ve got dogs that live in the yard. I feel very safe…. Plus I’ve got a shotgun.

…to how she trained for the show by running the stairs at her house… to doing P90X. Have you ever done P90X? Killer work out. It will kick your ass for sure and you can do it from home with only a few bands. I’m not preaching but your body is your temple. You wanna live a long life, you have to take care of yourself.

Okay, back to Jane. Her effort at the immunity challenge was one of the most inspirational and impressive things this season. I think had we continued she would have defeated Fabio, too!

Jane has lived a hard life. It shows in her face. At times it shows in her attitude. But if you want somebody in that foxhole with you, Jane’s not a bad choice.

Marty is hollering that they should vote her out, but nobody is listening. He’s right. If “the little old lady from North Carolina” gets to the end, she has a very good shot at winning. Marty’s problem is… he is always hollering.

via Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’: Episode 8 | EW.com.

“I want her to know I have her back. Even though I kind of don’t. But I kind of do at the same time. It’s like a toss up.” —NaOnka

That quote tells you absolutely everything you need to know about NaOnka: She’s a woman completely allergic to logic. Much in the same way she is allergic to kindness, modesty, and if you were to judge by her irrational hatred of Kelly B., prosthetic limbs. We haven’t been able to understand a single thing about the woman all season, and now it appears she even confuses herself. I’ve wondered for the past few months whether NaOnka might have a split personality. (In our interview before the game, she was downright giddy, a far cry from the surly spectacle we’ve been treated to on the show.) But now I fear she must suffer from multiple personality disorder. Hell, the woman even thought she was Russell Hantz for a few minutes there — burying pans and bowls and food as well. And amazingly, she stays in the game just to torment both her tribemates and us viewers a little bit longer.

via Survivor recap: NaOnka Plays Saboteur | Season 21 Episode 08 | EW.com.

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