PEASANT UPRISING: Little Guys Cut King Brenda

“Stuck In The Middle” — Holly and Benry lay the foundation for a new alliance, and the alliance of self-proclaimed king of the game Brenda falls to pieces after Naonka deflects, with even close friends Chase and Sash casting votes her way. While half the tribe celebrates reward by volcano surfing, the rest return to camp to find it has been virtually burned down, leaving them with meager supplies and barely any food.

“If This Were Life or Death, You’d Be Dead”: Beer’s on me, Mr. Probst, for ridiculing Sash and Brenda for their team’s epic failure during the Reward Challenge. About time they got a taste of their Dan medicine. Keeping the weak guy around may eliminate threats like Marty, but you do have to pay for it at camp and rewards. Plus, offing Marty backfired in a huge way for Brenda, as she’s joining him on the jury while Jane frolics on volcanoes and scores herself an Immunity Necklace.

What Hidden Immunity Idol? Seeing Brenda’s smug smile falter during that looooooooong pause as she waited in vain for Sash to hand over his Immunity Idol was so satisfying. I’m not gonna lie, Brenda pissed me off “to the highest point of pissivity” for orchestrating the ouster of Marty & Co. Ageist! Of course Sash is the true commander in chief, and he’s smugness personified, not to mention just plain creepy. If he wins this thing (and signs are pointing to yes), his legacy is going to be more Brian Heidik (Thailand) than Todd Herzog (China). If Sash’s competitors were smart they’d flush out his Idol, but…they aren’t. (I present into evidence one pile of ashes once known as camp.)

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Their reward involves being taken to an active volcano, where each tribe members rides a sledlike thing down a steep rocky slope to the bottom. That part looks unpleasant, frankly, but eventually they get to gorge on pizza and brownies and soon enough they’re in that orgasmic food high that probably precedes a hearty bout of diarrhea.

“What do you think’s going on at camp?” someone asks.

“I don’t care,” someone else responds.

Aaaand cut to: their camp, engulfed in flames.

Benry, Dan, Sash, Brenda, and Holly return to camp and stand around freaking out over the damage, which includes several wooden chests that had contained food and tools, now burned to ash. D’oh. Maybe don’t take camp tips from Fabio next time, you guys.

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When the pizza party returns, Chase immediately tells Brenda that Holly is targeting her for elimination. Brenda says she “is not that impressed.” Chase then tells Naonka that he told Brenda. Then Naonka tells Jane that Chase told her that he told Brenda … well, y’all know how this part of the show goes. Even when the departing person is a slam-dunk, the producers have to try to confuse us, to maintain the drama. And, frankly, with Chase around, the producers don’t have a lot of work to do in this regard.

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4 Responses

  1. Asher says:

    “You should’ve scrambled.” – Holly

    AW SNAP!

  2. Bballahboi says:

    My respect for Holly went up 5000% in this episode. She looks much less like an idiot sheep and did a good job organizing a move.

    And who would’ve thought the game would get more interesting ****after**** Marty gets voted out?!

  3. CarolinaGRRRRL says:

    WOW JANE! Can you see her building toward winning this game? That was an unbelievable performance!

  4. Tim says:

    I was also impressed with Holly and also Nayonka. Both came a long way in this episode compared to their earlier incidents – Holly with Dan’s shoes and Nayonka with, well, everything she’s done so far. Too bad it looks like she’s up to more stupidity next week.

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