TAR HEEL ORDEAL: Jane Laid Waste With Haste

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2 Responses

  1. GB says:

    Probst was SO GOOD at tribal. He didn’t let anybody get away with anything and… he was basically TELLING Fabio and Dan what to do. They didn’t listen, of course, as this season continues with every single person blowing every single opportunity they’re presented with.

  2. Fourth Man says:

    Can anyone explain why a) Jane voted for Sash when she knew he had and would most likely play his idol and she had said she wanted to vote Holly anyway and b) Dan and Fabio, knowingly on the outs and next on the chopping block, would not band with Jane to vote Holly and force a tiebreaker? Jane’s tantrum notwithstanding, I don’t think her personality was that bad that they could forge a temporary alliance with her. Unless they were afraid they wouldn’t survive the tiebreaker themselves? I’m baffled.

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