TAR HEEL ORDEAL: Jane Laid Waste With Haste

“This Is Going to Hurt” Chase’s flip-flopping continues to burn bridges after he goes back on his word with Fabio to include him in a family Reward Challenge. In picking Sash and Holly to join him after his win, he also hurts Jane – but not nearly as much as when the three decide she needs to be the next voted off. A temper tantrum follows, and even after the three announce their alliance and intentions on voting off Dan and Fabio next, those two can’t be convinced to join forces with Jane.

After the immunity challenge, the gang goes back to camp and now has to decide who to send home.

The moment of Chase, Sash, Holly standing in a circle as Jane approaches was riveting. It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The other three knew they were going to “kill” Jane but didn’t know how to tell her.

Then… Jane starts to figure it out.

Jane: “So, is it me….?”

Cue the scary music…

Holly: “This is not easy.”


Jane: “So you all been conniving this whole time?”

Cue ominous bells…

Chase: “Yes, there has been discussion…”

Jane gives a not so subtle flip of the middle finger to the group.

Then tears.

Jane: “My alliance have turned on me.”

Then anger.

Jane: “ They’re liars. They’re cheats. They’re backstabbers. I’m most disappointed in my Carolina homeboy, Chase. If I was Chase I wouldn’t show my ass back in North Carolina.”

Then the rage.

Jane grabs a bucket of water and violently dumps it on the fire.

Jane: “By God I started it and I’ll put it out!”

And with that moment I think Jane solidified her spot as the most “root worthy” person on this season of Survivor.

via Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’: Episode 14 | PopWatch | EW.com.

Dude, STOP promising to bring people on reward challenges with you! He burned Sash last week and then was up to his old schizophrenic tricks once again, telling Fabio, “I promise, it will be you, me, and Sash.” Cut to him winning and taking Sash and…Holly? Chase’s problem is that he is trying to please everyone. (I learned a long time ago — like, say, when I wrote the Jimmy T column — that that is impossible.) So he tells people what they want to hear to make them happy, not realizing he is pissing them off even more when he then goes back on his word. You could even see his overwhelming need to please people and be liked when he asked Jeff what would happen to the people that didn’t get to go on the reward. “They will be taken and executed,” replied Probst, “as with any good challenge.” Hey, you ask a stupid question….

Chase then seemed legitimately shocked when Fabio expressed outrage over not being chosen. (“You know I would have taken you and your mom because I know how much your mom means to you,” pouted Fabio “You know that!”) Later, when Jane confronted Chase, Holly, and Sash about whether they were turning on her and voting her off, Chase tried to shift the blame, saying it was Holly and Sash that wanted to do it. I was truly amazed at how poorly this was handled, but it turns out the good ol’ boy was just warming up. This was the mere appetizer before the main course of awkwardness at Tribal Council.

via Survivor recap: Sprinting to the Finish | Season 21 Episode 14 | EW.com.

Jane gets called out on her tantrum and she goes a bit nutty about her possible ouster. She calls out Holly on stealing somebody’s shoes? $1400 worth of shoes? Jane is coming across as a complete nutbag.

Chase then confirms with Sash and Holly that the next two to go are Fabio and Dan. I agree with Jeff — “ballsy.” So Jeff stirs up Dan, Fabio and Jane to align together. Jane tosses out Holly’s name because the other two guys have an Idol and tonight is the last night to play it. Wow, that is more manipulative than I think we’ve ever seen Jeff Probst act. (I did love the impression of his mom he did, though).

If Chase or Sash has half a brain, one of them would give Holly his Idol. The other three haven’t had time to agree on anybody but Holly.

via ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’: Jane, Dan and Fabio are whiners; Jeff Probst more manipulative than ever – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.

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2 Responses

  1. GB says:

    Probst was SO GOOD at tribal. He didn’t let anybody get away with anything and… he was basically TELLING Fabio and Dan what to do. They didn’t listen, of course, as this season continues with every single person blowing every single opportunity they’re presented with.

  2. Fourth Man says:

    Can anyone explain why a) Jane voted for Sash when she knew he had and would most likely play his idol and she had said she wanted to vote Holly anyway and b) Dan and Fabio, knowingly on the outs and next on the chopping block, would not band with Jane to vote Holly and force a tiebreaker? Jane’s tantrum notwithstanding, I don’t think her personality was that bad that they could forge a temporary alliance with her. Unless they were afraid they wouldn’t survive the tiebreaker themselves? I’m baffled.

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