Jud “Fabio” Birza Wins Survivor: Nicaragua

Dan is eliminated, and an improbable run of three straight Immunity Challenge victories helps Fabio break up the Sash/Chase/Holly alliance earlier than they had planned, ending Holly’s equally improbable run as Fabio effectively turns Chase and Sash against each other. A strong showing by Chase makes for a close vote, but Fabio walks away with the million dollars in a 5-4 vote.

This season’s actual winner, Fabio got a minute or two to tell us “I’ve been crazy for a while” and reveal that his great-grandparents invented the color wheel and folding card tables. But beyond that he didn’t or couldn’t say much. Meanwhile, Jeff called Jane popular, and she apparently is, but she did a good job of eroding her likability by remaining bitter during the final Tribal Council, calling Sash a “New York City river rat” yet failing to become anything like Sue Hawk because her ranting was incoherent. I wonder if she would have won fan-favorite after her fans saw that. During the reunion, she was slightly more charming, perhaps because her face was significantly less frightening than it was on location.

The rest of the jury wasn’t much better, but there were some surprises. While Marty was sweaty, he wasn’t bitter. And please, Alina, shut the hell up with your insipid comments about boys and men. Fabio made Brenda and Benry and other jury members cry by explaining that his “gasoline to get to the end” was thoughts of his family; he said, “I’ve never put that kind of focus into something” and talked about his “jealousy that these three had a plan to be here.” I thought that’d win him a unanimous or near-unanimous vote.

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I think she held back a little bit from her true self during the live show. She had a bit more self-control last night, but she still came through with some colorful answers. I was most curious what her mom would be like and I was pleasantly surprised that her mom was so even-keeled and honest about her daughter.

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He did nothing for close to 39 days, but just when it looked like he was going to go down as another forgettable Survivor contestant who made it far but not quite far enough, he showed us just what he was made of. He made us all stand up and take notice with a dramatic display that had to be seen to be believed. I’m speaking, of course, of Dan. Where did all that hate and bile come from? He may have been one of the lamest contestants ever to make the last episode, but Dan finally showed a spark in defeat, turning from useless old man to grumpy old man. After getting voted off, he blasted everyone to kingdom come, and then he viciously went after Sash and Chase again at the final Tribal Council. Welcome to the show, Dan! You’re just in time to congratulate 21-year-old Fabio on becoming the youngest winner in the history of Survivor!

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  1. Tom says:

    I honestly had no idea this show was still on the air. Your
    post on Facebook came as a bewildering surprise. So, does it still
    draw an audience?

  2. Gipper says:

    Alina’s schoolgirl crush on Chase was just about the
    saddest thing I’ve ever seen in this game. Get over it, girl. And
    having it spill over onto her opinion of Fabio just shows that if
    there is anyone who acts like a child instead of an adult, it’s

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