Samson Cattle Rancher Among Castaways on Survivor

JT Thomas

It’s a far cry from the cattle ranches of Samson Alabama for J.T., one of 16 contestants on CBS’ Survivor.

He says, I’ve always been interested in Survivor since I was like 15 or 16 when it started, I don’t know, 17 maybe, um, I love the outdoors, I love a challenge, I love the competition and I love meeting new people so you know it’s everything I really like being outdoors and a million dollars is always a big plus too.”
Thomas was cast for the show back in June and got the chance to let his friends and family know the news January 14th.
But, there was one point where he almost turned around.

via Samson Cattle Rancher Among Castaways on CBS’ Next Editon of Survivor / News 4, Your News Leader, 4 Warn Desktop Alert, Dothan, Wiregrass, WTVY Marketplace.

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