KRISTA CUT: Phony Stephanie Phased Out; Ometepe Gets Their Phil

“Their Red-headed Step Child” – Frustration levels between Phil and the Ometepe girls reaches a new high after he confronts them over their laziness around camp, putting Rob in a difficult position to choose between useless tribemates. David convinces Stephanie to suck it up and suck up to the rest of the tribe, enabling him to make a case against keeping Sarita when Zapatera is sent to Tribal Council.

Once again the wisest person on the tribe is Rob. I know you hate me talking about Rob, but the proof is in his actions regarding Phillips and the fire tending duties.

Four of them to be exact:

1. During the argument he was the only one still focused on the big picture. His biggest overall goal was to keep the tribe strong.

2. Simultaneously, he understands how beneficial the fight between Phillip and the girls can be to his game. The more they fight, the more likely he is to stay in control and the more they hate each other the better for him if he makes it to the end against any of them.

3. Rob then talked to Phillip to ensure that Phillip doesn’t do too much damage to the tribe dynamics while also letting Phillip know that he understands him.

4. After Phillip walked away, Rob then mocked him which in turn endeared Rob even more to the angry girls.

Mission complete. It was deft handling of a very delicate social situation.

I’m a broken record but Rob played this moment very well. So far this season he has done a good job of assessing, adapting and then executing very well. Letting Grant find the clue to the hidden idol was a great call as it further solidified Grant’s trust in Rob.

Getting caught with the note however, was a rookie mistake:

Phillip: Whatcha got there boys? I saw it.

Phillip: What’s it say?

Rob: Back at camp?

Phillip: What?

Rob: Back at Camp.

Phillip: (interview) I have been in an alliance with Rob, Grant and myself. In fact, I call ourselves Stealth Are Us. I’m… the specialist… Rob is the mentalist…and Grant… is the assassin.

Phillip: Remember boys. Stealth.

Phillip: (interview) And yet today when Rob and Grant found the clue for an idol they tried to hide it. Well,

Hell hath no fury like a… lion and a gorilla when he thinks he has been provoked.

Music transition. Patriotic. Strong. Preparing for battle.

Phillip: (interview) If you’re gonna make an alliance with me you better adhere to it because I am all about integrity. I served my country for four years, eleven months and thirteen days for duty, honor, country. That means something to me.

When you try to trash on that… me and the United States got something for you when you try that little baby…

I could dwell in the place of negativity right now based on what I just saw, but I’m not gonna do that.

I’m gonna smile and when the time comes…. I’m gonna kick a little ass around here.

Let it breathe. Gonna just let that little piece of poetry sit there. No comment needed.

But I can’t resist. F*&king genius. Phillip please grab Coach and come back and play again as soon as possible.

via Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 6 3/23/11 | Jeff Probst.

For his part, David keeps arguing that keeping someone who can help you win challenges is more important than keeping someone you can trust not to switch sides. I’m not so sure. David is absolutely right that going into the merge with a numbers advantage is key, but seasons like Tocantins and Samoa have proved that a united minority can easily topple a divided majority. And if David could hear the way that Stephanie has been openly courting the other tribe, he might think twice about his stance. In the end, it doesn’t matter, as Stephanie — or “Stifinie,” as a vote that I have to assume was from Ralph spells it — is ousted. On her way out while casting her vote for Sarita, she promises that “I’ll see you on Redemption Island and I’ll kick your ass then.” She’ll need to get past the dude with the pink Bible first.

via Survivor recap: Stealth (Mad) Bomber | Season 22 Episode 06 |

Rob’s wife, Survivor champ Amber, can’t be too shocked to see her hubby playing lothario with the beauty queens—after all, she owes her own victory to their All-Stars romance—but did he tell her just how close he was cozying to his tribe’s bikini babes? Castoff Kristina Kell told us, “Natalie and Ashley would smell like Rob’s body odor in the morning because he would have one arm around each of them all night long. The girls would complain about how their shoulders smelled—it was just gross. “

via Survivor Insider: Keepin’ the Faith on Redemption Island – E! Online.

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