MATT FLOORED: Re-Enters the Fold; Swept Away by Rob

“This Game Respects Big Moves” — After dominating Redemption Island, Matt is placed back into the game for the merge and the tribes unite as Murlonio – another inside joke by Rob. When old Zapatera approaches Matt to join them he concocts a grand scheme with Andrea to take them out along with Rob – but nobility wins and he abandons his plans. However, he admits the plan to Rob, who decides to take him out for his lack of loyalty.

Note writing has had some bad press on Survivor (see above), but Mike makes it work. Had he taken Matt aside for a private conversation, eyebrows would be raised. By deftly slipping him a letter, Mike keeps the correspondence confidential.

He even momentarily convinces Matt. “This game respects big moves,” Matt says to Andrea, flushed with possibility. He lays out a plan to ping-pong between the tribes. But blindsiding is scary, and aren’t Rob’s dimples adorable? Matt chickens out and attributes his cowardice to God’s will.

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Last week’s immunity contest was a huge, sprawling obstacle course and it was a blast watching teams have to literally break through brick walls. But this week reminded us of the power of simplicity. Stand on a log and balance balls on a disc. Whoever does it longest wins. I’ve always been a big fan of endurance competitions where it is a case of mind over matter. Of course, balance played a big part in this one as well. Phillip was having trouble balancing on his log right off the bat, which surprised me because isn’t he supposed to be Mr. Roller Disco King? (Note to self: Buy Phillip a robe that has “Mr. Roller Disco King” spelled out in sparkly gems on the back.)

Phillip ended up recovering and going pretty far, but it eventually came down to Mike versus someone I have never seen before in my entire life. Oh, right, sorry — Natalie. You’ll have to forgive me for being unable to recall all her scintillating sound bites. Are we absolutely sure Brett from Samoa didn’t pull some Freaky Friday-type experiment and end up in the body of a 19-year-old professional-volleyball cheerleader? And wouldn’t you know it, but just like Brett, Natalie proved that she could be both deathly boring and win a challenge, outlasting Mike to don the badass-looking immunity necklace.

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