Unofficial Survivor Guide was founded in 2001 as SMACKBOMB.com’s first foray into television show coverage, with spoiler lists and episode summaries and commentary. It was later converted into a discussion forum and gained notoriety around the web in 2004 when it uncovered exclusive spoilers for Survivor: Vanuatu including set photos, contestant information, and partial boot orders.

During Survivor: Gabon Earth’s Last Eden, Unofficial Survivor Guide was converted into a blog focusing more on commentary than discussion. While we are sad to say goodbye to the community we’ve built up over the years, we’re excited to move forward – and, of course, long-time friends and new readers are still invited and encouraged to leave their own thoughts in each post.

We are in the process of importing our old episode summary and commentary articles into this new site to give you the opportunity to relive some of your favorite Survivor moments.