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DOUBLE DEAL: Parvati’s Presents Jettison J.T.

DOUBLE DEAL: Parvati's Presents Jettison J.T.

“Going Down In Flames” The long-awaited merge finally happens and Russell’s staunchest supporter, J.T., ignores warnings by Rupert and Sandra that could save him and the Heroes. And after ridiculing J.T. for handing his Idol to a villain, Russell turns around and surrenders the Idol to one of the biggest villains to ever play the game, and Parvati takes control of the game.


ARMING THE ENEMY: Free Idol handouts don’t count for Courtney

ARMING THE ENEMY: Free Idol handouts don't count for Courtney

“Survivor History” The Villains break their challenge loss streak and win a huge dinner, and Russell encourages the Heroes’ erroneous assumption that he is on the outs from a powerful all-girls alliance, prompting J.T. to plan and execute an incredible plan to arm Russell with his Hidden Immunity Idol and vote out Parvati, much to the amusement of Russell’s alliance.


NO SPARING SPENCER: Closeted Castaway Cut

FLYING TEETH & AN IDOL THIEF: Jalapao Won't Spare Spencer

“You’re Going To Want That Tooth” The Secret Alliance further solidifies their power base and their pact, strengthened by Taj’s discovery of the Hidden Immunity Idol, but when Stephen is put in charge of the Idol he begins to have second thoughts. Spencer harbors a secret fearing it would jeopardize his place in the game, but in the end it’s his poor challenge play that does him in.